VIP’s performance training programs integrate cutting-edge concepts in athletic preparation, recovery, hydration, nutrition, and cognitive training.

• NFL Approved Training And Rehab Personnel
• Private Player’s Lounge
• Comprehensive movement, power and strength training
• Focus on increasing lean mass and decreasing body fat
• Customized endurance regimens to ensure all cardio needs are met
• Individualized position-specific movement refinement and conditioning
• Physical therapy and sports medicine rehab
• Customized Chef prepared meals
• Customized Pre and post workout supplements and ongoing nutritional guidance
• Emphasis on mental strength


•NEW!  32,000 Square Foot Facility
•70 Yard Speed Field
•30 Yard Skills Field
•State-of-the-Art Weight Room
•Film Review Room (60”  Tv’s)
•Digital Video Analysis (Instant Video Feedback)
•Laser Speed Testing
•Private Locker Rooms
•Therapy Center
•Cold Tubs For Recovery
•Physical Therapist
•Massage Therapist
•Regeneration Programs