VIP Team

VIP employs a team of sports performance coaches, elite strength coaches, speed specialist, skill specific coaches, chiropractor, physical therapist, massage therapist, nutritionist, and chef.

Victory Impact Performance Coaches have had the privilege of training hundreds of athletes in all sports ranging from youth, high school, and collegiate athletes, all the way to top-level professionals and Olympians. As one of the most sought after Sports Performance Facilities in the country, VIP has built a reputation for developing speed, strength, power, and explosiveness through the use of break-through training concepts.

“EJ” Eric Johnson

•Played College Football at U. of Nebraska
•Big 8 Track Champion
•Won 3 National Championships In 5 Years
•Fastest 40 Ever For A Linebacker At Nebraska
•Played 8 Years In The NFL As A Linebacker
•Certified Strength And Conditioning Coach
•Certified Speed Coach
•Trained 35 NFL Draft Picks in Combine Prep
•Trains 57 Current NFL Players
•Specializes In Speed, LB’s, and DB’s

Nathan O’Neal

TC Thrasher

•28+ Years In Fitness And Performance
•Trained And Mentored Over 100 Trainers And Coaches
•Trained 100’s Of Clients Fitness And Performance Of All Levels And Abilities
•Certified Through NASM, CPT, CES, PES
•Degree In Fitness Specialist From OCC

Juan Porter